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Physio Led & Clinically Proven Prenatal & Postnatal  Education, Exercise Advice & Workouts 

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Clinically Proven 

These programs have been practiced in person with countless women, both prenatal and postnatal. Healing Diastasis & Pelvic Floor Issues, Flattening Tummies & Returning Them To Exercise They Love!  

Specialist Physio Trainers

Programs developed by Experts and proven clinically to work. The programs also come with access to the help of real human Physios 

Accessible via Browser Or App

Access via Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop via the Browser or App, with workouts options of timed or you can follow at your own pace.

Exercise Safely

Learn how to adapt all types of exercises to be safe, with extensive educational content from expert Physios.

250+ Workouts

With hundreds of 5 to 10 minute workouts, there are over 1000 individual exercises available at your fingertips!

Anytime, Anywhere

Only an exercise band is required, nothing more. Courses are designed to be done with minimal equipment.

  • Gain Back Your Confidence
  • Be Able to Continue Exercise Effectively but Safely
  • Work Out Whats Causing Your Issues
  • Gain a Stronger & More Functional Pelvic Floor & Core
  • Flatten Your Tummy
  • Prevent & Heal Diastasis Recti
  • Prevent & Help Prolapse
  • Prevent & Cure Pain
  • Prevent & Cure Incontinence
  • Fit Into Clothes Again
  • Get Back to Impact, Running, HIIT Safely

With you all the way!


  • Education & Advice for all Trimesters
  • Nutrition & What to Avoid
  • Manage Common Pregnancy Issues 
  • Exercise Safely
  • How to Activate Your Pelvic Floor & Core
  • Pelvic Floor & Core + Toning Workouts
  • Relieve Pains
  • Prepare For Birth 
  • Clinically Proven Effectiveness
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  • For Both Vaginal Birth & C Section
  • Avoid Recovery Possible Complications
  • Manage Common Recovery Issues
  • Learn How To Move Again
  • Relieve Any Discomforts
  • Reconnect To Your Pelvic Floor & Core
  • Gentle Recovery Workouts
  • Learn C-Sec & Perineal Massage
  • Clinically Proven Effectiveness 
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Back To Being You

  • Learn how to exercise safely
  • Learn exercises to avoid
  • Clear Easy To Follow 10 Min Workouts 
  • Restore Confidence In Strength & Movement
  • Flatten Your Tummy
  • Restore Your Pelvic Floor
  • Return To Impact, HIIT & Running
  • Clinically Proven Effectiveness 
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Instant Access to all our Online Programs

  • 7 Online Programs For Optimal Prenatal/Postnatal Health 
  • Developed by Specialist Physios
  • Split into Prenatal, Recovery & Postnatal Content
  • Access via APP, Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop & Smart TV
  • Extensive Educational Content
  • Easy to Follow Exercises - All With Captions & Voiceovers 
  • Over 230 Workouts Of 5-10 Mins - Can be Follow Along or At Your Own Pace
  • All Workouts Possible At Home
  • Learn How To Adapt Your Usual Exercise To Be Safe
  • Includes our Revolutionary Return to Running, HIIT & Impact Exercise Guide With Workouts 
  • Nutritional Advice 
  • Access to Online Consultations with Expert Physios

BONUS - Belly Flattening Nutrition Guide  



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Online Consultations

Get access to Online Consultations with Expert Physios. The online consultations can be made bespoke, to meet exactly what you are looking for and include answering any of your questions.

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Ivin Gill 

A great support in my pregnancy and early recovery.  Am about to begin the journey of getting back to exercise and feeling like me again as well as hoping to get my tummy back. Have the confidence with the workouts it will happen. 

Claire Dacombe

I seeked help from Health2mama to help strengthen my core and get back to running.  The Advice and workouts are so easy to follow and several months can run over 10k with no problems and have a flatter stronger tummy.  Really recommend to others wanting help in getting back to what they loved before pregnancy.

Hazell Wong

I healed my Diastasis Recti after giving birth to twins.  The info is very experienced and knowledgeable. My deep abdominal muscles are stronger too. 

Nicole Thompson

After having my 2nd baby within 2 years of my 1st i was left with a 4cm tummy muscle split. I tried a few you tube workouts to help heal it became demotivated when 6 weeks later ther a stick a coke can sized hole i my belly button area.  I was introduced to this APP where you follow along 10 min workouts daily.  I am halfway through the 8 week program and this gap has reduced to around a cork sized hole.  I love the simple but different workouts that give me a structured plan to follow each day.  I would highly recommend this Program to anyone with a DR problem 

Emma Payne

Loved the easiness of the workouts to follow and the Pregnancy guide within the APP has such a huge amount of information to refer about all different parts of keeping my pregnancy healthy.  Much better than getting confused by googling for info.  

Bettina Hosp

I followed the program after my 1st child to get back to being fit and strong.  Am now in my final stages of pregnancy having used the support to keep my pregnancy healthy and pelvic floor and core strong especially as expecting twins.  Cant wait to get back into the workouts to feel like me again

Sarah Healey 

After following Health2mama on instagram I could see the level of expertise and experience the physios have.  I love how they prioritise supporting women so this was why after giving birth to my son I sought out there help.  What I liked is the app which gives you workouts and stretches along with videos on how to engage the pelvic floor.  So helpful and keep me on track to recovering well after birth!! Thank you so much.

Hannah Taylor

Started the Pelvic Floor & Core Program at 6 weeks post birth after given the all clear at my check up.  Made big differences in my pelvic floor and flattening abs back to pre pregnancy. 

Jiwon Rhee

Helped me greatly with my postpartum recovery.  I lost weight while gaining muscles and strength. My ab separation fully healed and tummy flatter.  Pelvic floor stronger again.  One of the best things I did after delivery.

Anna Facey

Did the Pelvic Floor & Core Program and then the Return to Impact & Running Guide and now back to all the exercise I did before pregnancy with no issues and my core definitely stronger than its ever been. 

Victoria Mintey 

I worked with the programs to help me recover after birth and get back to the exercise I love as well as heal my Diastasis Recti so can now do ab exercises without my tummy popping out 

Maryann Louis

I decided to get professional help after my 3rd baby for the first time and no clue if I was doing the right thing for my diastasis recti. Having help to check and guide made so much difference to my body after birth.  It help me feel very motivated to progress further each time I made an improvement!  Highly recommended for others to get professional help from those who can guide you properly.

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